Add Bearsanctuary Prishtina to your itinerary while in Kosova and Experience a great adventure in the world of animals


For interested groupsunique to explore animal welfare and environmental topics in a real life setting accompanied by a guide.

Special environmental educational activities for students and other interested grops of visitors are provided. A beautiful environment sorrounded by forests and an open bistro offers for you a relaxing time after you have spend some time visiting the bears, whilst at the entrance you can buy some nice souvenirs that will be a special memory of your visit.fibula best places to visit kosova_007.png


For many years fifteen brown bears have had endure the trauma of being held in small cages as visitors attraction outside restaurants.

The Private keeping of bears has been Banned in Kosova since autumn 2010.

In response to this situation in 2013 FOUR PAWS offered an alternative by building the BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina and with the help of the Kosova Environment Ministry, the police and KFOR, the organisation was able to rescue 13 bears and tranfser them to the BEAR SANCTUARY




In 2014 something unexpected happened! Three little cubs were found by police in the western part of Kosova. They were kept privately in two different families, who bought the cubs from animal traders to keep them as pets!

The tree cubs named as Ema, Oska and Ron , were rescued immediately by FOUR PAWS after police's announcement and were treated carefully by the veterinaries at the sanctuary and fed with an appropriate food for their age. 

The cubs when they were only two months old and now after a year of living at the sanctuary .

Sixteen brown bears now live at BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, all of them rescued from capitivitty and private ownership.

Thankfully they are all now in

great health, and for the first time in their lives, are living happily,

in an environment appropriate for their species.